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Reflecting on the Past as We Prepare for the Future

by Tracy Duberman

As we look back on the past two years and plan for 2023, I am amazed at the significant transformations our clients experienced as they built their capacity to survive, and in many instances thrive, during the pandemic.   

The challenges.

Our clients across the health ecosystem experienced a myriad of challenges, including recruiting and retaining top talent, work redesign, the introduction of AI and new digital technologies, a welcomed focus on health equity, and high expectations from consumers for price and data  transparency.

The rise of industry-disrupting competitors also shocked the industry and shifted consumer expectations. As more patients moved to receiving primary and urgent care outside of traditional health systems, leaders were challenged to find new ways to attract and retain customers, employees, and patients. 


Industry leaders rose to these challenges by collaborating with diverse partners across the ecosystem. They recognized the challenges that new players brought, and they showed a willingness to develop new payer and provider models, to encourage retail innovations in care delivery, and to welcome new entrants into the marketplace. 

What’s trending. 

We saw enormous resilience in health ecosystem leaders and employees this year. Our clients and colleagues, despite the continued toll of the pandemic, showed that what is most important to them is equity across the industry and promoting health and well-being for consumers and staff. By recognizing the symptoms of burnout and working to find long-term solutions for their team members, leaders demonstrated that they understand that their employees are their most valuable asset. 

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Framework for Mental Health & Well-Being in the Workplace, which was released in October, also demonstrated this new emphasis on healthy employees and workplaces. I’m excited to see more leaders focus on implementing these practices in 2023. 

With gratitude. 

At TLD Group, we inspire leaders to revolutionize the health ecosystem by developing their unique capacity for leading change and significant transformation within themselves, their teams, and other collaborators throughout the industry. I give special thanks to our clients for their dedication to change and transformation as well as my colleagues at TLD Group for their commitment to developing, engaging, and empowering leaders and teams across the globe. 

Wishing you – our clients, advisory board, faculty, and friends – the very best over the holidays and a happy and healthy 2023.

Tracy Duberman, PhD

Founder & President, The Leadership Development Group

Topics: Leadership Development, Healthcare Ecosystem

Tracy Duberman

Written by Tracy Duberman