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Leadership Development for the Health Ecosystem: How to Measure and Assess ROI

by The Leadership Development Group

Leadership development empowers leaders, enhances trust, and creates employee and customer engagement resulting in a more aligned and productive workforce. Overall, leadership development:

  • Boosts employee and customer engagement and productivity
  • Improves the organization’s ability to find and retain high-quality talent
  • Reduces issues and costs associated with turnover
  • Equips teams with the skills to plan for succession

We all know that leadership development is important. Yet, securing buy-in for an investment in leadership development can be challenging. After all, what’s top of mind for most C-suite executives is short-term profitability driven by increasing revenue while controlling costs. The irony is that leadership development increases the likelihood of positive organizational outcomes by 25%. In this article, we share how to measure and assess the ROI of leadership development to help you build the case for the investment.

Determine the “Best-Fit” Leadership Development Solution 

The first step you need to take when determining whether leadership development will yield positive results in your organization is to determine which solution suits your needs best. Let’s take a brief look at the four types of leadership development solutions your organization may benefit from.

1. Coaching Solutions

Coaching programs are designed to significantly enhance leadership performance by focusing on the individual’s opportunities for growth and development within the context of the organization’s strategic priorities. 

2. Team Acceleration and Development

Effective team development assists leaders and their teams to reach consensus on priorities, roles and accountabilities, and to meet business goals from an individual and team perspective. 

3. Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying and developing high potentials either as a pool of talent for future roles or for specific high-profile roles within an organization. 

4. Leadership Academies

Custom-designed leadership development academies engage leaders in a multi-faceted development process that enables personal growth and development while improving business results.

Measure the ROI of Leadership Development with Tangible Results

Leadership development success can be subjective. Yet there are ways to measure impact through metrics. That’s why we’ve put together our comprehensive guide, ​​Leadership Development for the Health Ecosystem: How to Measure and Assess ROI. In this guide, we reveal 5 metrics for monitoring the ROI of leadership development.

 In our guide, you’ll gain access to:

  • In-depth descriptions of leadership development solutions and who is most likely to benefit from each
  • The top 5 metrics you need to measure to determine the ROI of leadership development (and how to measure them)
  • TLD Group’s key differentiators that enable our unique leadership development solutions to drive impactful organizational results

Download the complete guide here: Leadership Development: Guide to ROI

Final Thoughts

When mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve desired outcomes, it is common to look toward external market factors, economic factors, and timing constraints, rather than looking internally to evaluate whether system integration leadership had the skills to drive organizational transformation. Organizations looking to build a common culture within a newly formed system must be able to influence the behaviors, mindsets, and social patterns of their workforce to create alignment around system-wide goals

TLD Group’s Leadership Academy solutions apply a structured change process to creating a unified culture — uniting leaders around a common set of organizational goals and objectives, and equipping leaders with the skills and competencies necessary to execute strategy across a large system. Reach out to us to learn more about our customizable leadership academies and how we can drive change in your organization.

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