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On-Demand Leadership Development Solutions: What Are They and How Do They Work?

by The Leadership Development Group

The challenges faced by leaders today have dramatically intensified due to the myriad issues created during, and as a result of, the pandemic. Organizations are facing massive changes due to hybrid workforces, excess levels of stress, and the resulting Great Resignation as masses of leaders continue to voluntarily leave their jobs in search of better and more balanced opportunities. Reports state that about 60% of leaders feel worn out at the end of each day, which is likely indicative of burnout — a contributing factor to the Great Resignation.

Now more than ever organizations need flexible and adaptable leadership development solutions. In response to these threats, TLD Group has created a series of on-demand leadership development solutions which are designed to be available, just in time, with a focus on improving team communication, alignment, and management in times of change and disruption. In this article, we discuss how on-demand solutions create a positive impact on teams and organizations spanning all industries.

What are On-Demand Leadership Development Solutions?

These past two years brought on a lot of unforeseen challenges and stressful changes. Many companies had to alter their plans, programs, and training. As a result, TLD Group has created a set of solutions to help organizations overcome any difficulties leaders and their teams may be facing, just in time. On-demand programs can provide stability, support, and guidance during volatile and pressurized situations. Our team is ready to formulate a transformative program with your team to ensure positive and advantageous results.

Why Should You Use Our On-Demand Solutions?

  • Our on-demand service model allows for quick delivery when you need it most
  • Our solutions are customized and aligned to your organizational context
  • We offer value-driven pricing to keep solutions impactful and affordable

Our fast-acting leadership development solutions leverage input from key stakeholders to ensure the solutions align with the team’s values, mission, and organizational context. That being said, no two on-demand leadership development solutions are the same. Each program is specifically tailored to your business’ unique circumstances and goals. This way, you and your team aren’t forced to spend time on developing skills you already have. Instead, you can work with a leadership development consultant to pinpoint critical areas of improvement on an individual or team level. 

How Do On-Demand Consulting Solutions Enhance Leadership Development?

83% of businesses believe it’s critical to develop leaders at all levels. Yet, as organizations grapple with the demands of “the new normal” and new ways of working, leadership development has never been more important.

TLD Group’s expert faculty are available on-demand to support leaders and teams in enhancing business results. By identifying desired outcomes along with a comprehensive and achievable timeline, organizations spanning the health ecosystem benefit greatly from on-demand strategic leadership development. 

Which on-demand consulting solution is best to enhance your team’s skills and organization’s success? TLD Group’s on-demand leadership development offerings include:

1:1 ‘Just in Time’ Coaching

During times of change and disruption, leaders often feel overwhelmed with excess stress which can lead to burnout and in turn, poor leadership performance. 1:1 “just in time” coaching supports leaders through these times of change on a per session basis. This way, no matter how busy your schedule is, TLD Group’s cadre of leadership development coaches and consultants are available to help you enhance your leadership capabilities when you need it most. 

Team Development

TLD Group’s expert faculty has extensive experience working with teams to enhance business results, engage trust, open communication, and align on a shared vision. On-demand consulting will accelerate your team development and align teams to work together to achieve business objectives. At exactly the right time, your teams will be enabled to:

  • Reach a consensus on priorities, roles and accountabilities
  • Develop strategies and rules of engagement 
  • Meet business goals and deliver enhanced results

Group Coaching

Group coaching allows teams and groups to grapple with a shared challenge while practicing effective collaboration, shared decision making, and enhanced interpersonal awareness. Group coaching is best applied when organizations want to share thoughts, challenges, and ideas from various perspectives and departments to boost organizational success.

Individual Leadership Development

Leadership development solutions help you develop the leadership competencies and skills needed to reach your goals. In critical situations where you may be stepping into a new leadership role or dealing with a particular conflict amongst your team, on-demand leadership development solutions can greatly improve your ability to:

  • Bolster communication and collaboration 
  • Resolve conflict
  • Shift your mindset to one of positivity
  • Boost employee morale and engagement

How Does On-Demand Leadership Development Work?

On-demand leadership development enhances leaders at every level and can be accomplished in a plethora of different settings such as one-on-one consulting, team or group consulting, and organizational development consulting either in person or online. Additionally, each on-demand program is personalized to fit the exact needs of you and your organization. 

Let’s take a look at an example of a step-by-step on-demand leadership development program in the graphic below.A step-by-step on-demand consulting program.

Final Thoughts

Having access to customizable leadership development solutions at the exact moment you need them is key to effective leadership. On-demand leadership development solutions ensure that your organization and teams:

  • Accomplish strategic goals in a timely manner
  • Strengthen collaboration and communication
  • Accelerate business initiatives and drive impactful results

We’re all in a state of transformation as the pandemic continuously forces us to pivot and change our ways of working. 

Get in touch with us to connect with our cadre of leadership development experts to begin your on-demand program.

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