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Building the Pharmaceutical Voice in the Future Health Ecosystem

by The Leadership Development Group

The problems facing the health industry are too complex for any one organization to solve alone. Improving health outcomes, access and affordability requires collaboration and coordination from diverse sectors, including life sciences, healthcare providers, payers, public health and services, and community resources. Developing the innovative partnerships and the leadership necessary to address issues like where to invest in R&D, how to implement technology solutions, pathways for clinical treatments, best practices in data sharing, etc. is crucial for success. This presentation focuses on the opportunity pharmaceutical leaders have in leading the future health ecosystem by building collaborative partnerships that have the capacity to add tremendous value to promoting health and wellness throughout the globe. We offer strategies for building and demonstrating health ecosystem leadership through case studies and practical learning applications that leaders can implement back on the job, with their teams and their organizations.


Building the Pharmaceutical Voice in the Future Health Ecosystem

Date: November 18th, 2020 

About the Presenter

Canva Design DAEO_2tHqecStephanie Laplante

Stephanie's business career has grown through roles in business leadership, organizational development, and leadership development. Tapping into her diverse experiences, Stephanie has a very practical approach to her work because she knows the pressures of leading a large, complex organizations in a competitive environment.

Stephanie is recognized as an expert who is a strategic thinker, focused on the future, who knows what it takes to achieve results. Her agility allows her to flex to meet the various needs of her clients. Leaders who typically work with her are senior executives leading transformational change, women in leadership, and teams that want to challenge themselves to be a high-performance team.

She frequently speaks on building a coaching culture and leading transformational change. She also designed GSK’s coaching strategy, which won the International Coaching Federation PRISM award in 2016.

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