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TLD Group’s Perspective on Gratitude

by TLD Group

While Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to reflect on giving thanks. At TLD Group, we believe that gratitude is an important daily practice for individuals and team members. 

Our TLD Group team members, including our President & CEO Tracy Duberman, have thought about gratitude a lot over the past few years, especially during the pandemic. This year, we’re bringing you multiple perspectives from TLD Group on gratitude, what it is, and why it’s important. 

What is gratitude?

While the dictionary definition of gratitude is a “thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible,” our team members offer their unique perspectives

“I would define gratitude as an act of intentional pause to appreciate the moment we are in,” Kristin Luce, TLD Group Project Coordinator Intern, said. “These acts evoke positive emotions and allow us to foster better connections with the people in our lives.” 

Amy Riemer, public relations consultant for TLD Group, added that gratitude isn’t just an internally focused practice. Gratitude is also showing appreciation and kindness to others.

Why is gratitude important to organizations? 

According to TLD Group’s Chief of Staff, Jess Molson, it can be easy to lose sight of the little things that make a team or organization a special place to be a part of — and gratitude can help increase that recognition.

“Whether it’s a teammate whose company you genuinely enjoy, an element of your role that really leverages your passion and skills, or a personal connection to the organizational mission and values,” Molson said, “tapping into your gratitude and helping others tap into theirs can enhance resilience and engagement through the naturally occurring ups and downs of work.”

Gratitude can also increase an organization’s quality of work. 

“Practicing gratitude offers organizations the unique benefit of creating a culture, when practiced authentically, that supports feedback, open and honest communication, calculated risk-taking, and continuous learning,” Duberman said.

How do you practice gratitude? 

When asked what their go-to gratitude practices are, TLD Group team members mentioned a wide range of activities, from taking time to write down a list of things they’re grateful for, to attending a weekly religious service, to their morning coffee routine. 

“I wake up early, make my favorite coffee, sit in my favorite comfortable armchair by the window, and my dog Howie comes to sit on my feet,” Molson said. “In that time, I let myself fully experience and be present in the loveliness of the moment and be thankful for each little component that makes that routine so enjoyable for me. It’s a great way to start my day from a place of serenity and peace that I can carry with me.”

Lisa Clarke, TLD Group’s Director of Coaching & Operations, also aims to make gratitude a daily practice. 

“I try to find one thing each day for which I’m grateful,” Clarke said. “I appreciate the grace and understanding I receive from my friends, family and co-workers.”

What Our Team Members are Thankful For Today

The responses to what our team members are grateful for varied widely, but many focused on their personal relationships and support systems and opportunities to grow at work, plus some of the smaller (but still important) things. 

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to reflect on, and grapple with, the concept of gratitude,” said Tara Satlow, TLD Group’s Senior Vice President of Client Solutions. “That, and deep connections with my family, friends, and teammates.” 

We also loved Clarke’s response — it really is the little things that count. 

Having a glass of wine and the weekend ahead!” 

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