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Walking the Talk: Aligning Passion to Purpose

by TLD Group

When considering our work over the past 15 years, one major theme comes to mind as the key to leadership success: aligning passion with purpose. Leaders in our industry are, more often than not, drawn to serve in healthcare because of a pivotal personal experience or a desire to improve health and wellbeing for others. We know that in order for work to be meaningful, passion (something that excites you) must be aligned with purpose (deep-seated motivation behind doing something). 

Living our Values

As we continue to celebrate our 15-year journey, this blog which is part of our special series “Walking the Talk,” explores specific ways we put our priorities into action at TLD Group. In this blog post, we discuss why the alignment of passion to purpose is a conversation worth having, how our team has integrated this value into our journey, and the invaluable impact it can have on leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Aligning Passion to Purpose at TLD Group

For TLD Group, aligning passion to purpose in leadership development is more than a nice sentiment — it’s why our organization exists. 

"TLD Group was born out of a deep respect for the work of leaders, frontline nurses, physicians, and researchers across the healthcare industry and the knowledge that no one individual can do it alone. I was driven to make an impact in an industry I admire through what I know best – leadership and talent  development. Leaders drive culture and culture supports strategy to improve health and wellness for all,” said Tracy Duberman. TLD Group’s Founder and President. “This passion continues to drive our mission every day.”

“For our internal team, it’s all about recognizing the unique strengths, interests, and aspirations of each individual and helping them channel their passion towards meaningful contribution – personally and professionally,” Duberman said. “I believe that when individuals are encouraged to pursue what truly inspires them, they become not only more productive and successful, but also happier and more fulfilled.”

Aligning Passion to Purpose for our Clients

TLD Group’s teammates walk the talk when it comes to aligning their passion to purpose, and  this is also a foundational component of all our client partnerships. 

"Our approach involves understanding the client's passion and weaving it into their leadership development journey," said Tara Satlow, PHD, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions at TLD Group. 

In one instance, a senior physician leader at a not-for-profit community health system was tapped to lead the charge for strengthening physician engagement and leadership capability. By recognizing the leader's passion for organizational impact, TLD Group tailored a program that not only aligned with his personal goals, but also elevated the organization's performance.

"We believe in the power of personalized solutions," Satlow said. “Through in-depth assessments and conversations, TLD Groups identifies the unique passions of our clients and aligns them with organizational objectives. This tailored approach ensures that leadership development programs become vehicles for personal fulfillment and strategic success.

This commitment doesn't just end with program implementation. 

"We provide continuous support and evaluation to ensure that the alignment of passion to purpose remains a dynamic process," Satlow said. “Regular check-ins and feedback loops guarantee that the client's leadership journey evolves in sync with their passion.”

Advice on Aligning Your Own Passion to Purpose

1. Engage in self-reflection. 

Start by reflecting on what truly drives you. What helps you get out of bed in the morning? What kind of change do you want to see around you, and how could you contribute to it? Understanding your passions and motivations is the first step to aligning them with a purpose that resonates with your values. 

2. Embrace your unique interests. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes you unique. Celebrating your strengths and quirks fosters authenticity and may create opportunities that align with your passions. 

3. Take risks and step outside of your comfort zone. 

Personal growth often lies outside your comfort zone. Embrace challenges and be open to taking calculated risks to explore new avenues aligned with your passions.

4. Seek feedback and collaboration. 

Feedback is a powerful tool for growth. Engage with members of your network, ask for constructive feedback from colleagues, and collaborate with other individuals to refine your understanding of your passions and purpose. 

As we celebrate our 15 years of service, we invite you to consider aligning your passion with purpose. The experiences of our team and the success stories of our clients underscore the tangible benefits of finding your passion and mapping it to  your purpose. Consider partnering with TLD Group for tailored solutions and expertise in transforming passion into organizational impact. Contact us today to learn more.

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